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Winter Bike Day 2021: Let’s ride together, even if we can’t be together

Commit to ride on Feb 12, with International Winter Bike Day–  COVID19 Edition! 

This year, Winter Bike Day, also called Winter Bike to Work Day, might look a little different, but is still about promoting safe and accessible cycling, and connecting people who ride together, whether you ride to commute, for physical or mental health, or for pleasure. 

With many staying close to home right now, this year’s theme, “Winterbikealoopza,” allows individuals to add a place on a map which can then be linked with other places nearby to create hundreds of loops! It’s like connecting the dots, except on a much larger scale — happening all over the world. (The Global Winter Cycling Congress also takes place the same week — check out the jam-packed program here, and some great tips to stay safe cycling in winter here and here.)

On February 12, the loops that were created from your input will be shared publicly and encourage you to get outside, get moving, ride a loop, and have fun. (A friendly Ontario-wide competition to encourage riders in respective cities has sprouted in the lead up to February 12, and we are happy to say as of the week of February 5, Hamilton is leading the way with nearly 80 riders committed!)

The loop concept of this year’s winter ride echoes another great and local initiative, launched by the Everyone Rides Initiative and Hamilton’s Bike Buddies in 2020. Similarly, because our travel and activity needs and habits have changed, Hamont Healthy Bike Loops was launched as a way to share bike routes in your neighbourhood that are safe and enjoyable to cycle while also adhering to physical distancing. The loops mapped out on the site typically include bike lanes or paths and residential streets so that people of all ages and abilities can comfortably cycle and can be used as a guide this Winter Bike Day or any day of the year.

We encourage YOU to get involved this Winter Bike Day by doing the following:

1. Visit the Winterbikealoopza website to commit to riding on Feb. 12 and put your ‘place’ on the map 

2. Check out Hamont Healthy Bike Loops for some ready-to-go loop suggestions, or map a new one!

3. Share your winter bike journeys and photos with us, via social media (@cyclehamilton) or email (

Let’s join others in Hamilton and communities in Canada and the world on Feb. 12, and continue to make Hamilton a great place for anyone to get around. 

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