Our Members

Kate Whalen – During the day, Kate works full-time as McMaster’s Senior Manager of Academic Sustainability Programs and is a part-time faculty member and part-time PhD Candidate. Kate’s Master’s thesis focused on active travel, the joy of the daily commute, and the impact on sense of community. Kate developed a love of riding her bike when she set roots in Hamilton’s lower city and realized first-hand that the way we choose to move around the city has a real impact on our mood, sense of belonging, and our social interactions. Kate sold her car in 2011 and has biked year-round ever since. As the 2017-19 Co-Chair of Cycle Hamilton, Kate is passionate about helping to create a more vibrant, inclusive, and happy city through biking. Connect with Kate on LinkedIn, Twitter, or via email at Chair@CycleHamOnt.ca
DH Dave Heidebrecht was the innaugural chair and cofounder of Cycle Hamilton. Dave is a board member and Past Chair. Making Hamilton’s North End home, Dave is a year-round cyclist and especially enjoys his commutes to and from McMaster along Hamilton’s Waterfront Trail. Dave is passionate about working together with individuals, groups, and organizations to contributing to an inclusive and sustainable greater Hamilton. Through working with Cycle Hamilton, Dave is keen to foster a collaborative approach to working together towards Cycle Hamilton’s vision of a healthy, safe, and sustainable cycling culture in Hamilton.
dscf5364-2 Johanna Bleecker was the innaugural vice-chair and cofounder of Cycle Hamilton. She works as the Education & Community Outreach Coordinator for New Hope Community Bikes and aims to make Hamilton as cycling-friendly as her previous homes of San Francisco, Montreal, and Vancouver.
dscf5373-2 Ned Nolan is a member of Cycle Hamilton’s Advocacy Committee and has been doing a lot of the photography behind Cycle Hamilton’s #CylistsOfHamOnt campaign. Ned works downtown practicing employment law and sits on the board of the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association and Environment Hamilton. Unabashedly obsessed with cycling, Ned can be regularly spotted flying by on his Canadian Miele or blissfully cruising through town on a Sobi.
dscf8579-5 Benita Van Miltenburg chairs the Advocacy Committee, offering perspectives from the University of Amsterdam’s Planning the Cycling City course, and her Masters thesis which explored bicycling in Hamilton and cyclists’ identities.  This work solidified her desire to further contribute to the vibrant and burgeoning cycling community in Hamilton. Benita loves Glowrides, SoBi, protected infrastructure, and peddling to and from pastries and craft beer on her beloved Dutch Gazelle.
dscf5369-2 Stephen Bieda is an active transportation, electric mobility, and future transportation technologies advocate focused on community building and a more sustainable future.
img_20161031_135809 Cora Muis sits on the membership committee of Cycle Hamilton. She has a keen interest in making all neighborhoods bicycle and pedestrian friendly– especially for seniors, women and children, who are the most vulnerable users of our car-centric streets. You will usually find her riding a recumbent trike or bicycle when she participates in things like Ride for Refuge and Glowrides.
dscf8588-4 Roman Caruk is a retired teacher from the Catholic school board in Hamilton. An instructor at Mohawk College for 10 years. Involved in several environmental groups for over 25 years. Received Environmentalist of the year award. Currently involved in school board environment committee, Hamilton 350.org, Blue dot movement and Cycle Hamilton. Involved with Active and safe routes to school promoting walking the and cycling to schools.
dscf8592-6-4 Michael Romaniuk is a McMaster student who first became involved with Cycle Hamilton through McMasters Sustainability course. He has continued to volunteer with Cycle Hamilton by aiding with any media & communications related endeavours. Most notably he was responsible for the branding and design behind the first Cycling Advocacy Week as well as the creation of the Cycle Hamilton promotional video. He runs Micro Maniac Creative (Micromaniac.ca) a local Hamilton based design studio specializing in visual creative problem solving, branding, photography and videography.
dscf5361-2 Kevin Love is a professional accountant and a retired infantry officer with the Canadian Forces. He lives near Durand Park in Hamilton. Kevin is currently Vice-Chair of the Hamilton Cycling Committee, a citizen’s advisory committee appointed by Hamilton City Council. Kevin is an author at Raise the Hammer. His area of expertise is traffic infrastructure design engineering. His articles may be found at: http://www.raisethehammer.org/authors/334/kevin_love
dscf5360-2 Stevan Garic – Stevan works at the Ministry of Education in Toronto, and uses both Hamilton and Toronto bike share systems as part of his daily commute. He is interested in making the streets more friendly for cyclist and pedestrians and encouraging more people to cycle.
dscf8589-5 Erin Kennedy is a member of Cycle Hamilton’s Advocacy Committee. Erin started riding for recreation and transportation while growing up in Northern Ontario. She still loves to cycle in her current hometown of Dundas and beyond, especially with her two young children. Erin is dedicated to encouraging the City of Hamilton to shift gears and become a leader in cycling friendliness among North American cities.
dscf5372-2 Ann McKay is the secretary for Cycle Hamilton and co-chair of the Events Committee. She also represents Ward 1 on the City of Hamilton’s Cycling Advisory Committee. A life-long Hamiltonian, avid cyclist and city booster.