Over 2016 and 2017, we will pursue our mission by striving towards the following goals:

  • Organizational Foundation: Develop a strong organizational culture towards a sustainable structure that includes paid staff, an operating board, and a transparent and engaging strategic plan to guide our work into the future.
    • Goal: We will have an operating board, including chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary as well as a 3 year 2017-2020 strategic plan.
  • Membership: We will represent our community through a membership-driven model, reaching out to cyclists and cycling organizations of all stripes and from all wards.
    • Goal: We aim to have a membership of 500 people by June 2017.
  • Capacity Building: ┬áIncreasing the amount of safe, confident, and knowledgeable cyclists in Hamilton.
    • Goal: We will facilitate 10 workshops or skill-building events.
  • Partnerships: Developing partnerships with organizations, community groups, and citizens to drive positive and sustainable change.
    • Goal: We will partner with 20 different organizations or community groups.
  • Advocacy: Advocating for more safe cycling infrastructure throughout the City.
    • Goals:
      • We will contribute monthly op eds to inform public discussion.
      • We will advocate for council approval of Bay St. bike lanes.
      • We will advocate for protected cycling lanes to be developed, as appropriate, in conjunction with LRT plans to ensure an integrated active transportation system is developed as this city-building project takes shape.
      • We will continue to advocate for a vision zero commitment.


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