Vision: Hamilton is a cycle-friendly city that is proactive in supporting a growing cycling culture throughout all wards. Streets and trail systems are designed first and foremost to be safe, healthy, and accessible as the City uses a Vision Zero commitment to guide collaborative, transparent, and sustainable transportation planning. Following the idea that a city should be built for citizens from 8 to 80 years old, kids of all ages confidently cycle to school and people of all ages feel comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable when cycling on the City’s minimum grid network to access schools, business areas, and recreation areas throughout the city.

Mission: Cycle Hamilton is a member-supported coalition of individuals, communities, and organizations that works together to promote a healthy, safe, and sustainable cycling culture in Hamilton.

Guiding Principles

  1. Information Hub & First Point of Contact: Cycle Hamilton is your one-stop shop for everything cycling-related in Hamilton. Whether it be events, news, laws, or shops, we’ve got you covered.


  • Manage an events calendar containing all cycling-related events happening in the city, where anyone can submit an event
  • Share high-profile cycling news and updates through our social media accounts via Facebook and Twitter
  • Communicate the rights and responsibilities of cyclists
  • Provide online resources that include information on cycling groups, shops, and related organizations in the Hamilton area


  1. A Unified Voice for Cyclists: Cycle Hamilton will give a voice to all members of Hamilton’s cycling community, including neighbourhood associations, residents, and non-profits.


  • Maintain relationships with community groups and neighbourhood associations, to ensure their cycling interests are voiced
  • Encourage communication, coordination, and collaboration between cycling-specific organizations (e.g. Hamilton Bike Share, Hamilton Cycling Committee, Hamilton Burlington Trails Council, Bike for Mike, Environment Hamilton)
  • Coordinate communications across groups and organizations so we are all speaking in a unified voice on specific issues or campaigns
  • Host an annual series of workshops and events that encourage networking, capacity building, and open dialogue to discuss opportunities and concerns related to cycling in Hamilton


  1. Accountability at City Hall: Cycle Hamilton will relentlessly work to hold councillors and city staff to their commitments to improving cycling in Hamilton.


  • Track and report on the City’s progress in implementing the council-endorsed Cycling Master Plan
  • Advocate for more bike-friendly city policies through editorials, blogs, and social media
  • Build relationships to inform councilors and residents of the benefits and value of cycling, and help to dispel common misconceptions regarding cyclists
  • Delegate to council to advise of Cycle Hamilton’s suggestions for relevant issues